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MerCruiser Gimbal Bearing Puller

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This is our # 5652 custom gimbal bearing puller which is preferred by many Marina's and Rental Shops over the cheap pullers. We have a 12 year proven track record on the dependability of this tool. Our tool uses (3) Forged Jaws which will not bend, rollover or break for years of service.


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Instructions :

Slide the pilot into your gimbal bearing. Hold the puller head and turn the threaded rod by hand until the (2) jam nuts make contact against the puller head. This expands the jaws from the inside. Now slide on the puller plate, thrust washer and nut. Hold the small end of the threaded rod with a  1/2 box wrench and tighten the large nut to remove the bearing. 



 We are currently out of stock on this item 




This is our puller plate. It has an extension welded on to allow turning the 15/16 nut without hitting the shift cable slide on Alpha drives.

The (4) larger corner holes will clear the studs on all Pre-Alpha, Alpha One, Generation II, Bravo and OMC Cobra drives.

The (1) center hole to the right will clear the outdrive oil reservoir dribble valve on Generation II and Bravo drives.


 We are currently out of stock on this item 



An O-ring is used to keep the (3) forged jaws closed for an easy installation. 


Patent Pending.

Shipping Wt. 8 1/2 Lbs.


         : Order # 5652


 We are currently out of stock on this item 


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