Quicksilver Grease

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   Multi-Purpose 2-4-C


This is Quicksilver p/n 92- 802863Q1 multi-purpose 2-4-C marine lubricant with Teflon.


A high quality multi-purpose lubricant designed to 
withstand extreme friction in all marine applications.


Recommended uses: steering systems, cable and 
linkages, remote controls, prop shafts, swivel pins, 
drive shaft splines, tilt lock mechanisms, tilt tubes, 
hinge pins and trailer wheel bearings.


Extremely water resistant. Won't break down when 
mixed with water.


Contains Teflon for added friction reduction and 
reduced wear.


See your engine service and maintenance manual 
for specific applications and maintenance schedules.

 It is available in 3 1/2 oz. and 14 oz. cartridges.

: Order # 5407 for 3 1/2 oz.

: Order # 2863 for 14 oz.




  3 1/2 oz. Grease Gun


This is Quicksilver p/n 91- 74057Q6  3 1/2 oz. grease gun.

It will only fit the smaller 3 1/2 oz. cartridge above.


   : Order # 4057








     Special Lubricant 101

This is Quicksilver p/n 92- 802865Q1 special lubricant 101 with Teflon.


A high-quality lubricant containing Teflon designed to reduce friction 
and provide a protective coating to a variety of marine applications.


Recommended uses: steering systems, cable linkages, remote controls, 
prop shafts, swivel pins, drive shaft splines, tilt lock mechanisms, 
tilt tubes and hinge pins.


Not for use in trailer wheel bearings.

This is only available in 8 oz. squeeze tubes.


                      : Order # 2865




    Coupler Spline Grease


This is Quicksilver p/n 92- 802869Q1 engine coupler spline grease.


Special additives protect against corrosion and grease 
breakdown caused by prolonged exposure to saltwater spray.


Specifically engineered to provide exceptional lubrication and 
corrosion protection to spline shafts and engine coupler applications.

This is only available in a 14 oz. cartridge.


                    : Order # 2869





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