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Quicksilver Grease

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                                   Multi-Purpose 2-4-C


This is Quicksilver p/n 92- 802863Q1 multi-purpose 2-4-C marine lubricant with Teflon.

* A high quality multi-purpose lubricant designed to withstand extreme friction in all marine applications.

* Recommended uses: steering systems, cable and linkages, remote controls, prop shafts, swivel pins, drive shaft splines, tilt lock mechanisms, tilt tubes, hinge pins and trailer wheel bearings.

* Extremely water resistant. Won't break down when mixed with water.

* Contains Teflon for added friction reduction and reduced wear.

See your engine service and maintenance manual 
for specific applications and maintenance schedules.

         : Order # 5407 for 3 1/2 oz.

         : Order # 2863 for 14 oz.


                       3 1/2 oz. Grease Gun


This is Quicksilver p/n 91- 74057Q6  3 1/2 oz. grease gun.

It will only fit the smaller 3 1/2 oz. cartridge above.


         : Order # 4057




                                   Special Lubricant 101

This is Quicksilver p/n 92- 802865Q1 special lubricant 101 with Teflon.

* A high-quality lubricant containing Teflon designed to reduce friction and provide a protective coating to a variety of marine applications.

* Recommended uses: steering systems, cable linkages, remote controls, prop shafts, swivel pins, drive shaft splines, tilt lock mechanisms, tilt tubes and hinge pins.

* Not for use in trailer wheel bearings.

 This has been discontinued by the manufacturer 

         : Order # 2865


                                          Coupler Spline Grease


This is Quicksilver p/n 92- 802869Q1 engine coupler spline grease.

* Special additives protect against corrosion and grease breakdown caused by prolonged exposure to saltwater spray.

* Specifically engineered to provide exceptional lubrication and corrosion protection to spline shafts and engine coupler applications.

This is only available in a 14 oz. cartridge.

 We are now selling Sierra Spline grease in place of the Quicksilver 

         : Order # 2869




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