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What is a MerCathode and what does it do ?

The MerCathode system provides automatic protection against galvanic corrosion. It is a solid-state device that operates off a boat's 12-volt battery and provides protection by impressing a reverse blocking current that stops the destructive flow of galvanic currents. If your power package does not come already equipped with a MerCathode system, Mercury strongly recommends that you install one, particularly if your boat is equipped with a stainless steel propeller or other submerged stainless steel hardware.

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 Gimbal Housing Mounted Kit

This kit mounts to the trim hose manifold block located on the bottom of the gimbal housing where 4 hydraulic hoses come out which go to the trim cylinders. It is Quicksilver p/n 98869A14.

This Mercathode kit will not fit boats which do not have 2 threaded holes in the center of he hydraulic trim hose manifold ( shown below ) for this to bolt to.

Sorry, there are no returns on electrical items.

The complete kit is MerCruiser part # 98869A14 
: Order # 6914 for the complete kit 

The electrode only is MerCruiser part # 98869A11
: Order # 6911 for the electrode only 

The controller only is MerCruiser part # 42600A3 
: Order # 2600 for the controller only




The 2 arrows ( in the photo shown ) point to 2 holes which are for bolting a Gimbal Housing Mounted Mercathode Electrode to. If no Mercathode system or zinc anode is being used, the 2 bolts, gasket and block off plate are used.

If you have a boat made before 1984 and wish to use this system, you will have to replace your existing manifold block with the one shown here and you will have to order (2) adaptors to reduce the thread size on the back of this manifold shown. Older boats have a smaller thread size on the (2) lines going from the pump to the back of this block.

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          Transom Mounted Kit

This kit mounts to the back of the transom. It can be used on older boats. Each of the electrodes shown are bolted thru the transom. One goes on each side of the outdrive. It is Quicksilver p/n 88334A2.

We do not sell the electrodes or controller for this transom mounted kit separately at this time.


Sorry, there are no returns on electrical items.


         : Order # 8334 for the complete kit


Gimbal Housing Mounted Wiring Diagram



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