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Propeller Removal


A - Propeller Shaft
B - Propeller Thrust Washer
C - Propeller
D - Splined Rear Hub
E - Locking Tab Washer
F - Propeller Nut



The prop should be pulled at lease once a year to check for fish line which gets behind the "B" thrust washer and can destroy the 2 seals in the lower unit. Another reason to pull the prop is to lubricate the shaft with a coating of grease. If the prop shaft doesn't get lubricated frequently, it can cause the propeller to become extremely difficult to be removed at a later point in time. If your prop does not slide off easily, DON'T BEAT on it with a hammer. This will damage the reverse gear which is only case hardened. Use a prop puller

If it does slide off nice and easily and there is no fish line, coat the shaft with any kind of grease and replace the prop. Tighten the prop nut "F" to 50 Foot Pounds and bend over 3 of the locking tabs on the tab washer "E".

We recommend leaving the prop off for the winter. Some mechanics say that in the Northern States, moisture can get inside of the rubber hub of the prop and freeze. This can sometimes loosen the rubber hub causing the prop to slip as your going thru the water. Its about $60.00 to have a new hub pressed into your prop and they do not guarantee it.



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